Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall 2008 Premeires, Favorites Continue, Weeds Ends

Wow! I can't believe Weeds is going to leave me hanging like that again! Ok. Maybe I can. Jenji (creator) why are you going to leave me like that?!?! Nancy is pregnant. Wow. I won't go into it too much since I'm writing about nineteen other things, but I just hope I don't have to wait long to find out the rest.

One request for next season -I miss the "Little boxes" theme. I know that we aren't in Agrestic anymore so its not exactly appropriate, but I loved it!

America's Next Top Model
Glad Alaska girl is gone. I don't even remember her name. That's how non-memorable she was. Wish Isis would have stayed though. I liked her personality and I thought her pictures were better than others. Don't know what else to say about that right now. I probably shouldn't have waited until a week later to review. Will post a review of tonight either later tonight or in the morning.

Project Runway
Same thing. Except I do remember more. I'm very sad to see Suede leave. I mean, come on. I totally have to disagree with the judges this week. I know they were saying that you could be "bigger" with rock - but that was 80s glam rock. If you go to any rock concert today, I'd almost be worried that the outfit that was designed was a little TOO designed. Jeans and tee shirts are very rock.

I'm so tired of Kenley though. I really wanted to like her. I really did. I love her little retro look, Betty Paige hair, etc. But the minute she opens that naggy, whiney, "not my fault" mouth I just want her to leave. I'd rather take two hours of Suede's third person talking than hear her whine about why her outfits are the best. I know she has a certain look she's going for - but if she isn't really willing to "play" the game, she isn't deserving of the win. You've GOT to be flexible here and more importantly you HAVE to take Tim Gunn's advice (or at the very least be nice to him). I mean, Tim Gunn is no fool. He knows what he is talking about and I truly believe he cares about the designers.

If Tim Gunn were giving me advice on my outfit, I'd bend to whatever he suggested. He's really damn smart.

I'm just not sure who I want to win at this point. But I know I don't want it to be Kenley.

And the previews for tonight - to die for! Maybe I'm mean, but oh the drama of all of them crying! Wow. Can't wait.

The Office
Did you cry? I cried. The Jim/Pam moment (you know the one) was just touching. It was so freaking real and I loved it. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most proposals aren't grandstand proposals (written in the air, on a jumbo tron, staged with flowers and a horse drawn carriage). Most are probably real moments shared like this. At a gas station. In the rain. Because Jim couldn't wait. You can't get more romantic than that in my eyes!

The Holly/Michael dynamic is so cute. Here are two people who are goofy, silly, and somehow seem to be a bit disconnected from reality (obviously Michael more than her). I'm sure they'll get together. But for now the tension is great.

Angela/Andy/Dwight - Loving the booty calls! I think I love it the most because here is prim and proper Angela who thinks the color orange is whorish, but here she is hooking up behind her fiances back with Dwight in a storage room. The irony is awesome. And who else loved that she wanted "The Little Drummer Boy" to be her song. Of course I truly think that's her and Dwight's song!

Ryan as the receptionist. This is a funny plot twist, however not probable. I highly doubt Dunder Mifflin's rehire policy would allow this, even through a temp firm. But I do like his "list".

Can't wait until Thursday. Wait, is it on Thursday? VP debate? I'll have to look into that.

Lipstick Jungle
Read. My. Lips. I love the theme song.

I began watching this originally because I read the book (I love chick -lit). I continued watching it because I think that the women who are in the show are great. I love all of the characters to date and have enjoyed watching them develop.

Of course the big storyline in the premeire is Nico's husband and her affair with Kirby. We see that Nico has ended her relationship with Kirby and wants to make things work with her husband. One strategy is to make sex better by getting an injection, well, someplace where I'd never stick a needle. Of course that leads to some giggles and gags as she tries to sit down. Her husband isn't interested though. Nico confesses that she had an affair with Kirby and he gets mad. Says he's been faithful and that Nico has betrayed him.

Fast forward and we find that her husband has died (I don't remember the details because I was halfway doing housework). Come to find out, he HAD cheated. With a student. Who is pregnant. Who he's been putting up in a love nest appartment. Helps Nico's guilt a little I'd think!

I can't remember what happened in the book with this...I really don't...but my husband pointed out that he thought it was a crappy plot device. I'm not going to lie. I agree with him. Usually I hate it when my husband picks at my shows, but gosh darn it, he's right. It is always interesting when the woman is the sole cheater. Men are often expected, women are unexpected. So it makes it interesting. And it was kind of interesting in the scene where she tells him about her affair where she points out that he's surrounded by young girls and temptation and he is adamant about looking, but being faithful. It made her feel more guilty. However to find out that he was "worse" in the comparison game, it makes it a little forced. And then to top it all off, he died and now Nico is free to do as she pleases. I wish I could remember how it went in the book.

I liked the storyline about Brooke Shields and her mom and the dynamic over work v. career. I don't think we can ever get enough of this storyline as it is so near and dear to so many. It's such a common conflict now that I think it is wise to incorporate it. I do like that Brooke Shields is trying to master both, instead of sacrifcing one or the other.

The chase between Victory and whats-his-name was cute too. Obviously they are going to have to get back together, but it is interesting to watch.

Grey's Anatomy
Goodness I've written a novel. I'll be brief.

Tired of in-your-face doctor/patient parallels. We see the analogy. You don't have to pretty much explain it to us verbatim.

Love Bernadette Peters.

If Izzy doesn't quit obsessing over Denny, well, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Let's learn more about Karev already.

Poor Lexie.

Hoping for better writing next episode.

Ugly Betty

No more Gio? Henry? Boo.

Player magazine = hilarious

Rebecca Romaijn = pregnant, but at least they aren't sticking her being a desk or other props ....yet

Hilda = getting hopes up (I think)


  • Pushing Daisies premeire (yay)
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Project Runway - Down to the final three after tonight! Tears! Yay!

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