Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dope and Dopier

I titled this blog "Dope and Dopier" as I am reviewing two Monday night shows: Weeds and The Hills.

Dope: Weeds
Dope because of the subject matter - and dope because if I were to use some street slang I'd say "Man, this show is DOPE!". (Sorry - its a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday so I feel a little loopy).

I think I mentioned this before, but I was afraid of how this season (out of Agrestic) would pan out. But frankly, I'm very pleased with this turn.

So Nancy's dating the mayor - the peyote drinking mayor. When Nancy gets alone with the mayor, she gets a migraine, he offers peyote. She drinks it (as does he) and she has some serious issues with it (though it cures her headache). I looked up peyote online and it is supposed to offer the "user" a great deal of introspection and insight and can cause someone to start seeing things. I'm still a little confused about the girl that Guillermo brought by. I didn't quite catch all that was going on and why Nancy was seeing her. Trafficking I guess?

El Andy and Doug were so cute this episode. Love that he finally has Maria - we'll see where that goes. I like the previews for next week.

Shane - wow. A threesome? Wonder how that will turn out as well, but I'm truly thankful we have been spared details up to this point.

Celia's intervention was the only part of the show that bothered me. It was a tad weird and I thought it was strange that Nancy was no where in sight.....

Dopier: The Hills
So it was the premeire last night and I must say I was just a little dissappointed because of the build up. Maybe this season will get better though. By the way, since I haven't written about it before, I do like this show as a guilty pleasure, but know that its all fake. That's right, completely fake. If you still think this is real - you're crazy. At least with a show like Denise Richards, as staged as it is there is still some element of reality - especially when there is paparazzi.

Case in point - Lauren's date with "Doug". Doug wants to know what's been up with LC for the past four years and isn't sure who Audrina is, blah blah blah. What a load of crap! First of all, I'm thinking that a guy who lives in LA and who looks like he does has seen a few episodes of the Hills. Even if he didn't like it himself, you know that at some point in time a random roommate or ex girlfriend would have forced him to watch an episode, or to catch it himself on a lazy afternoon. Secondly, come on! If the guy was friends with LC in school, it would seem even more likely for him to have watched the show or followed the gossip magazines! If someone from my high school that I hung out with a bunch starred in a show, I'm pretty sure I'd watch it. But I digress.

Also - if she went with Doug to his prom, why didn't we see that on Laguna Beach?

Poor Whitney - she's my favorite on the show but she doesn't get any air time. It's probably because she isn't riddled with drama.....

And Lo. As if this show didn't have villian enough in Spencer! I think we are now officially on our way to making Lo supervillian #2. Her treatment of Audrina and her friends was ridiculous. Lo obviously thinks Audrina is beneath her. I think its because Audrina's friends are more "alternative". This so very much reminds me of high school when the "preps" would look down on us "theatre" people. Oh well.

And Heidi and Spencer. This drawn out drama of Speidi is a little silly since we all know they cheese it up for the cameras and paps. However, that being said I thought the conflict was a little interesting because I've been the "monkey in the middle" between a significant other and my family and it is horrible when the "other" isn't being hospitable to the family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oedipus Complex


In my crazy Olympic-watching state, I did also get a chance to watch Weeds.

MLP (Mary Louise Parker) is hands down my favorite actress right now. As someone who has some background and experience with acting, I truly think that she is phenomenal at her craft. The way she can deliver lines without making them sound scripted is just ingenious. Her comic performances are not campy and she never ever anticipates (for non-thespians out there, one common mistake actors make is to sort of give away what is coming up, or anticipate, simply because they do know what is coming up - unlike in real life where you never know!).

Her scene where they cut between her conversations with Silas and Shane was excellent. This technique in film/tv (not sure if it has a name) is one of my most favorite plot devices if done well. When you splice two scenes together like that, it can turn out so nicely. MLP delivered the lines so well. To have to have that conversation with your children is just crazy.

The conversation(s) were about two things: Shane's conversation was about his masturbation to a photo of her and Silas's was about him sleeping with an older woman, perhaps a mommy-substitute.

The subject matter can give you the heebie jeebies. I do think it is just an interesting subject though. I mean, even though it has been around since, well, forever, it is not something brought up a great deal. Usually when it is brought up, it is in some sort of anachronistic manner. It's not touched upon too greatly in "modern" times. However I do think its an interesting concept, especially in our society of "hot moms" and "MILFs". I know this is stereotyping, but long gone are the days of suzy-homemaker mom. While some of those are still around, a large portion of modern moms don't just give up on looking cute after they have kids. So while I'm sure things like this happened all of the time, I could definitely see where this type of issue could become more prevalent. Who knows. I know its a weird subject, but psychological tendencies and motivations intrigue me, especially when it comes to off -the - wall interests.

But back to Weeds. That was the main storyline with the boys. I did LOVE Nancy's threat to cheese lady when she threatened that her own son would soon be 17 - and that he was pretty cute.

El Andy and El Doug - so cute. It looks like Doug is getting closer to finding his girl. Can't wait to see what happens when he does find her - maybe she'll rat him out to help support her autistic child (Shield reference anyone?). And when the "Coyote Ugly" confronts Andy and he gives his peace speech, only to have one of the guys throw a beer bottle and knock out the guy, who didn't laugh out loud? I also have to say that the realization moment Andy had when he found the pics of Shane's was priceless.

And Celia. Poor Celia. Addicted to coke and botox. Hopefully she won't get into any additional trouble for using all of the store's cash and merchandise to support her habit?

And to finish it all off "dangerous" Nancy has a sweet moment on her porch with Mr. Mayor. I think that at the end of the day, Nancy is truly lacking someone she can turn to at the end of the day. She's struggling as a mother and struggling in her "career" and can't seem to hold on to anything. And to have Mr. Mayor show up and just be there - that was sweet. Note to all guys: Girls don't need flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or anything like that. Sometimes we all just want someone to lean on and to be there.

I heart the Olympics

I don't know what it is, but for some reason this year I am very intrigued by the Olympics. I've never really been a huge Olympics fan. I do remember watching the girls gymnastics - but mostly because it has dance-like qualities. I remember wanting to imitate Mary Lou. I remember the spectacular time Kerri Strugg finished on one foot. However, prior to this year, I have never cared about any of the other events in the summer Olympics.

But for some reason, this year has changed! I am now intrigued by many of the sports. It has been fun to watch Michael Phelps and his ridiculous abilities. I get winded just watching the guy and thinking "there is no way I could possibly swim that much and not give out". Did you hear that he has to eat about 10,000 calories per day to make up for what he burns swimming?

Synchronized diving is pretty interesting. I have figured out what to look for and what does/doesn't make a good performance.

I have also for the first time been intrigued by the men's gymnastics team. For some reason, I don't ever remember it being this incredible before. The sheer talent and muscle that these guys have is awe-inspiring.

Anyway - I just think it is interesting given that I've been tuning into the Olympics every day when I get home and look online to see who won medals every morning.


Oh - and on a side note, I know the US girl's team took the silver and were disappointed, but I think they should all be so proud of themselves. Silver is great! And you have to admit that its pretty darn good considering that the Chinese begin training their gymnasts at a much younger age. Kudos to the team!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I participated in the Olympics and all I got was this ridiculous outfit

Last night's challenge was themed to tie in with upcoming Olympics. I for one do not have Olympic fever. In fact, when the Olympics are on, I'm just always ticked that when I want to watch tv, a large portion of the channels are taken over by ridiculous sports and whispered commentary. I'm not a fan of sports, other than college football (specifically USC - go Gamecocks), so the Olympics do not do anything for me.

Gold medalist Apolo Ohno tells the designers that the challenge is to create an outfit that "could" be used for the opening ceremony. Now, just to point this out, unless I am completely wrong I'm pretty sure that the outfit will NOT be the one used. However all of the designers seemed to act like it was. Like Blayne. "Oh this outfit will be seen by a million bajillion people who watch the Olympics across the world...can I tan now?"

They were allowed to look around an Olympic museum for inspiration. Once again, I'm not an Olympic fan, but I have seen a few of the opening ceremonies and am familiar with the style for these outfits. They are sporty. These are atheletes wearing them. Even though the challenge was supposed to be for the female atheletes, keep in mind that many of these have very athletic figures and are very muscular.

The designers get their fabric from Mood and then go to work. There was drama in the room tonight as they (and by they I really mean a lot of Kenley) began critiquing everyone else's work. I really wanted to like Kenley because she has a really cool pin up look to her. However she's proven to have a serious attitude and is very judgemental.

Onto the runway:

Blayne - Blah. This was pretty bland and not very exciting. It also seemed a little poorly made. However I do have to give some credit for at least giving some "literal" meaning to the outfit instead of purely for fashion.

Daniel - I hated this dress. It was more purple-ish than blue. Or at least it was less of the typical blue (from red, white, and blue) and more of a shimmery blue. I was not impressed by any means.

Jennifer - I actually liked that she went for the gold interpretation vs. red, white, and blue - which would be a cool twist. Perhaps if she could have made a blue top to match the skirt and the cardigan could have been blue (or maybe a red stripe skirt, gold top, and blue cardigan). I dont know, but I think that it needed something a little more to stand out. No wonder why she was voted off.

Jerrell - Awful. Just Awful. With a capital A. Awful. This was my least favorite. I swear he just threw in every single trend that he could think of here and then some! The hat was horrible. The look was horrible. I didnt even think the styling was good. To me the whole look was BAD.

Joe - This would have been my favorite had it not had that terrible issue with the skirt being longer than the shorts. It was so distracting. It was sporty and appropriate and I could really see the Olympians wearing it.

Keith - Not memorable. Cute piece looking back at photos now, but overall I thought it wasnt realistic that the team would wear something like that.

Kelli - Here was my inner monologue as I saw this outfit "Hey - what a cute little outfit. I like that. Its modern and fun, yet retro. I would wear that. Wait.
Hold on a second. What was the challenge? Oh yeah. What was she thinking?"'

Kenley - It is an ok dress. Not for the challenge. But all in all an ok dress. However, to improve it and make it a little better - that belt should have been red. (Right image is what was there. Left image is what I would have done!)
Korto - I cannot complain with the judges choice because I did like this one too. It was wearable and I liked the different fabrics/materials (leatha).
Leanne - Can I buy that outfit? I just loved it and it looked so comfortable and the epitome of summer wear. I would have liked to have seen this one ranked in the top.
Leatha, I mean Stella - Why do I get this KISS army vibe from the outfit? I think its the sleeves. I loved her reasoning that bikers watch the Olympics. LOL.
Suede - Suede got the American vibe down on this outfit. What he lacked was the Olympic part. It was cute and wholesome and I could see Miss USA wearing this to some function. I have weird visual images.
Terri - I heart Terri. So far she is my favorite designer. I like her style and her taste and I think she designs on a practical/marketable scale. I loved the pieces and it looked so good together. I really could have seen all of the Olympians wearing something like this and just looking very sophisticated.
Holla at your boy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Doug and Andy Show

Weeds needs a spin off. The Doug and Andy Show. They are, bottom line, best part of the show. Don't get me wrong, I really love Nancy and Celia. But Doug and Andy are just hysterical! And now they are wanted by that crazy Mexican guy, who is now on the hunt for "El Andy".

Nancy and the Mayor - HOT. HOT, HOT, HOT. Who knew that watching a lion eat a goat could be so exciting...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Frugal beauty tips

This morning in the shower (where I do my best thinking) I began to sort of compile a list of my favorite beauty tips for the frugal gal. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also are environment friendly.

  • Don't wash your hair every day. My hair is actually pretty dry (I'm thinking it might be from years of dying it) so I can go a couple of days without washing my hair. I've read many articles from Cosmo, etc. stating that it is better for your hair because washing strips away natural oils and protectants. I actually like "second day" hair better anyway because it seems to look better and healthier. In addition, you save money and help the environment - you don't spend as long in the shower, decreasing the amount of water used; you don't use as much shampoo/product, extending the life of one bottle; and you don't have to use the hair dryer or styling utensils as much, decreasing electricity use. As a tip: If your hair starts to look a little "greasy" at the roots, you can add a little bit of powder and fluff a little to decrease shine.
  • Make up does NOT have to be expensive. Many drug store brands (and internet based companies) have excellent alternatives to expensive make up. My suggestion would be to splurge a little on your skin care products (cleaner, moisturizer, etc.) and then cheap out on the makeup. Here are some good sources for makeup:

    www.eyeslipsface.com - ELF makeup (besides having a cute name) is really great since most are only $1 each. I personally love all of their lip glosses and their eye shadows.
    Maybelline mascara - Just get the standard one in the green and hot pink container. It really is fantastic, and for the price you can't beat it.
    www.everydayminerals.com - I wanted to experience mineral makeup, but the price of bare escentuals was a little much for me. So I did some looking at makeupalley.com and came across this internet based company. Great value compared to bare escentuals. The price is a fraction and they have a much larger assortment of colors to pull from. Also - as a plus you can order a sample pack to try it out first (all you have to pay for is minimal shipping and handling).
  • Extended self-tanner life. I am very fair skinned. I don't get out in the sun very much, but I do like to add some color to myself. Sometimes self tanners can even be a little strong for me. So I will take the self tanner lotion and combine it with regular lotion to dilute it. Not only does it cost less (it extends the self tanner life, which can be expensive) but it also tends not to streak as much.