Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oedipus Complex


In my crazy Olympic-watching state, I did also get a chance to watch Weeds.

MLP (Mary Louise Parker) is hands down my favorite actress right now. As someone who has some background and experience with acting, I truly think that she is phenomenal at her craft. The way she can deliver lines without making them sound scripted is just ingenious. Her comic performances are not campy and she never ever anticipates (for non-thespians out there, one common mistake actors make is to sort of give away what is coming up, or anticipate, simply because they do know what is coming up - unlike in real life where you never know!).

Her scene where they cut between her conversations with Silas and Shane was excellent. This technique in film/tv (not sure if it has a name) is one of my most favorite plot devices if done well. When you splice two scenes together like that, it can turn out so nicely. MLP delivered the lines so well. To have to have that conversation with your children is just crazy.

The conversation(s) were about two things: Shane's conversation was about his masturbation to a photo of her and Silas's was about him sleeping with an older woman, perhaps a mommy-substitute.

The subject matter can give you the heebie jeebies. I do think it is just an interesting subject though. I mean, even though it has been around since, well, forever, it is not something brought up a great deal. Usually when it is brought up, it is in some sort of anachronistic manner. It's not touched upon too greatly in "modern" times. However I do think its an interesting concept, especially in our society of "hot moms" and "MILFs". I know this is stereotyping, but long gone are the days of suzy-homemaker mom. While some of those are still around, a large portion of modern moms don't just give up on looking cute after they have kids. So while I'm sure things like this happened all of the time, I could definitely see where this type of issue could become more prevalent. Who knows. I know its a weird subject, but psychological tendencies and motivations intrigue me, especially when it comes to off -the - wall interests.

But back to Weeds. That was the main storyline with the boys. I did LOVE Nancy's threat to cheese lady when she threatened that her own son would soon be 17 - and that he was pretty cute.

El Andy and El Doug - so cute. It looks like Doug is getting closer to finding his girl. Can't wait to see what happens when he does find her - maybe she'll rat him out to help support her autistic child (Shield reference anyone?). And when the "Coyote Ugly" confronts Andy and he gives his peace speech, only to have one of the guys throw a beer bottle and knock out the guy, who didn't laugh out loud? I also have to say that the realization moment Andy had when he found the pics of Shane's was priceless.

And Celia. Poor Celia. Addicted to coke and botox. Hopefully she won't get into any additional trouble for using all of the store's cash and merchandise to support her habit?

And to finish it all off "dangerous" Nancy has a sweet moment on her porch with Mr. Mayor. I think that at the end of the day, Nancy is truly lacking someone she can turn to at the end of the day. She's struggling as a mother and struggling in her "career" and can't seem to hold on to anything. And to have Mr. Mayor show up and just be there - that was sweet. Note to all guys: Girls don't need flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or anything like that. Sometimes we all just want someone to lean on and to be there.

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