Thursday, August 7, 2008

I participated in the Olympics and all I got was this ridiculous outfit

Last night's challenge was themed to tie in with upcoming Olympics. I for one do not have Olympic fever. In fact, when the Olympics are on, I'm just always ticked that when I want to watch tv, a large portion of the channels are taken over by ridiculous sports and whispered commentary. I'm not a fan of sports, other than college football (specifically USC - go Gamecocks), so the Olympics do not do anything for me.

Gold medalist Apolo Ohno tells the designers that the challenge is to create an outfit that "could" be used for the opening ceremony. Now, just to point this out, unless I am completely wrong I'm pretty sure that the outfit will NOT be the one used. However all of the designers seemed to act like it was. Like Blayne. "Oh this outfit will be seen by a million bajillion people who watch the Olympics across the world...can I tan now?"

They were allowed to look around an Olympic museum for inspiration. Once again, I'm not an Olympic fan, but I have seen a few of the opening ceremonies and am familiar with the style for these outfits. They are sporty. These are atheletes wearing them. Even though the challenge was supposed to be for the female atheletes, keep in mind that many of these have very athletic figures and are very muscular.

The designers get their fabric from Mood and then go to work. There was drama in the room tonight as they (and by they I really mean a lot of Kenley) began critiquing everyone else's work. I really wanted to like Kenley because she has a really cool pin up look to her. However she's proven to have a serious attitude and is very judgemental.

Onto the runway:

Blayne - Blah. This was pretty bland and not very exciting. It also seemed a little poorly made. However I do have to give some credit for at least giving some "literal" meaning to the outfit instead of purely for fashion.

Daniel - I hated this dress. It was more purple-ish than blue. Or at least it was less of the typical blue (from red, white, and blue) and more of a shimmery blue. I was not impressed by any means.

Jennifer - I actually liked that she went for the gold interpretation vs. red, white, and blue - which would be a cool twist. Perhaps if she could have made a blue top to match the skirt and the cardigan could have been blue (or maybe a red stripe skirt, gold top, and blue cardigan). I dont know, but I think that it needed something a little more to stand out. No wonder why she was voted off.

Jerrell - Awful. Just Awful. With a capital A. Awful. This was my least favorite. I swear he just threw in every single trend that he could think of here and then some! The hat was horrible. The look was horrible. I didnt even think the styling was good. To me the whole look was BAD.

Joe - This would have been my favorite had it not had that terrible issue with the skirt being longer than the shorts. It was so distracting. It was sporty and appropriate and I could really see the Olympians wearing it.

Keith - Not memorable. Cute piece looking back at photos now, but overall I thought it wasnt realistic that the team would wear something like that.

Kelli - Here was my inner monologue as I saw this outfit "Hey - what a cute little outfit. I like that. Its modern and fun, yet retro. I would wear that. Wait.
Hold on a second. What was the challenge? Oh yeah. What was she thinking?"'

Kenley - It is an ok dress. Not for the challenge. But all in all an ok dress. However, to improve it and make it a little better - that belt should have been red. (Right image is what was there. Left image is what I would have done!)
Korto - I cannot complain with the judges choice because I did like this one too. It was wearable and I liked the different fabrics/materials (leatha).
Leanne - Can I buy that outfit? I just loved it and it looked so comfortable and the epitome of summer wear. I would have liked to have seen this one ranked in the top.
Leatha, I mean Stella - Why do I get this KISS army vibe from the outfit? I think its the sleeves. I loved her reasoning that bikers watch the Olympics. LOL.
Suede - Suede got the American vibe down on this outfit. What he lacked was the Olympic part. It was cute and wholesome and I could see Miss USA wearing this to some function. I have weird visual images.
Terri - I heart Terri. So far she is my favorite designer. I like her style and her taste and I think she designs on a practical/marketable scale. I loved the pieces and it looked so good together. I really could have seen all of the Olympians wearing something like this and just looking very sophisticated.
Holla at your boy!

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