Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dope and Dopier

I titled this blog "Dope and Dopier" as I am reviewing two Monday night shows: Weeds and The Hills.

Dope: Weeds
Dope because of the subject matter - and dope because if I were to use some street slang I'd say "Man, this show is DOPE!". (Sorry - its a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday so I feel a little loopy).

I think I mentioned this before, but I was afraid of how this season (out of Agrestic) would pan out. But frankly, I'm very pleased with this turn.

So Nancy's dating the mayor - the peyote drinking mayor. When Nancy gets alone with the mayor, she gets a migraine, he offers peyote. She drinks it (as does he) and she has some serious issues with it (though it cures her headache). I looked up peyote online and it is supposed to offer the "user" a great deal of introspection and insight and can cause someone to start seeing things. I'm still a little confused about the girl that Guillermo brought by. I didn't quite catch all that was going on and why Nancy was seeing her. Trafficking I guess?

El Andy and Doug were so cute this episode. Love that he finally has Maria - we'll see where that goes. I like the previews for next week.

Shane - wow. A threesome? Wonder how that will turn out as well, but I'm truly thankful we have been spared details up to this point.

Celia's intervention was the only part of the show that bothered me. It was a tad weird and I thought it was strange that Nancy was no where in sight.....

Dopier: The Hills
So it was the premeire last night and I must say I was just a little dissappointed because of the build up. Maybe this season will get better though. By the way, since I haven't written about it before, I do like this show as a guilty pleasure, but know that its all fake. That's right, completely fake. If you still think this is real - you're crazy. At least with a show like Denise Richards, as staged as it is there is still some element of reality - especially when there is paparazzi.

Case in point - Lauren's date with "Doug". Doug wants to know what's been up with LC for the past four years and isn't sure who Audrina is, blah blah blah. What a load of crap! First of all, I'm thinking that a guy who lives in LA and who looks like he does has seen a few episodes of the Hills. Even if he didn't like it himself, you know that at some point in time a random roommate or ex girlfriend would have forced him to watch an episode, or to catch it himself on a lazy afternoon. Secondly, come on! If the guy was friends with LC in school, it would seem even more likely for him to have watched the show or followed the gossip magazines! If someone from my high school that I hung out with a bunch starred in a show, I'm pretty sure I'd watch it. But I digress.

Also - if she went with Doug to his prom, why didn't we see that on Laguna Beach?

Poor Whitney - she's my favorite on the show but she doesn't get any air time. It's probably because she isn't riddled with drama.....

And Lo. As if this show didn't have villian enough in Spencer! I think we are now officially on our way to making Lo supervillian #2. Her treatment of Audrina and her friends was ridiculous. Lo obviously thinks Audrina is beneath her. I think its because Audrina's friends are more "alternative". This so very much reminds me of high school when the "preps" would look down on us "theatre" people. Oh well.

And Heidi and Spencer. This drawn out drama of Speidi is a little silly since we all know they cheese it up for the cameras and paps. However, that being said I thought the conflict was a little interesting because I've been the "monkey in the middle" between a significant other and my family and it is horrible when the "other" isn't being hospitable to the family.

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