Thursday, October 2, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?

I think that's the perfect title for this blog given that I'll spend a moment or two discussing that which is Kenley.

The Challenge: The designers are sent on a field trip to a beautiful flower garden. The designers are sent out with cameras and asked to take photos as they will have to create a look from this inspiration. They take their photos, pick their inspiration, and head over to Mood. As usual it is a frenzy over there. The designers pick out their materials. They get ready to head out - but as they do someone notices an extra bag sitting there and asks if it belongs to anyone. No answer. Moving on.

The designers get back to Parson's and begin their work, only to have Kenley realize that her bag of tulle is missing. What's a girl to do? Whine about it of course! "Oh I don't have my tulle, I don't know what I'm going to do, I guess I'll use muslin...blah blah blah."

Oh, I do have to back track and say that before they were even given the challenge, Leeanne and Korto basically talk in their interviews about how they hate Kenley...and she does the same. Nice.

There's drama of course in the design room when Kenley eyes Jerrell's tulle and asks if she can buy it. He quickly says he's planning on using it.

More smack talking from Kenley as she puts down all of the other designers.

Tim makes his rounds and of course has critiques and criticisms for everyone. The best though is when he talks to Kenley.

Tim: Oh Kenley this is "different".
Kenley: Yeah Tim. I'm such a different and unique designer which makes me the best.
Tim: Kenley, your dress looks like fish scales.
Kenley: Thanks Tim - that's wonderful. I'm going to tell you that's exactly what I was going for because I don't know how to take any critique.
Tim: But this challenge was florally inspired.
Kenley" I know - I'm so glad you like my fish scales!
Tim: I think you've missed the boat.
Kenley: Boat! Yes! See I knew you'd get it Tim. My inspiration was Little Mermaid.

Ok, so maybe it didn't go that way, but I really think that's what the subtitles would say.

Onto the judging:

Jerrell: His outfit was nice. I loved the material (I don't know what that's called). And yes, while I agree with the judges thoughts that it needed to be more finished, I thought it looked great. (And yes, the dress did need to be pulled up a bit).

Leeanne: This would have won had Leeanne not randomly stuck in that blue fabric at the back. Is there a rule that says they have to use all material purchased from Mood? It was random. But I did love the look from the front.

Korto: The judges claimed it was too pageanty. I thought it was pretty, but then again I think pageant dresses are pretty. I thought the color was fresh and I was glad that she "edited" the lace.

Kenley: I am so amazed that no one commented on how costumey it was!! Those "petals" or fish scales were just too literal. I thought she nailed it with the fabric, but I think that the bottom would have looked ten times better if it was layers of scrunched fabric. But whatever. I actually sort of like her designs - but there's always an element of "if only she had done this..." to make it better.

Drama on stage:
So then, just to instigate, they ask all of the designers to say why they should go to Bryant Park and who should not. The first three completely singled out Kenley, who couldnt' keep her mouth shut about it. Then when the judges got to her, she of course let her attitude fly. You know, I can understand her being upset because she WAS being singled out in front of them.

And, what a shock (since they did the exact same thing last season), they are letting all of the designers go home and create their line - but only three will actually "compete" for the winning spot. I sort of find this a ruse since technically they have been doing this all along. Since the show's inception they have been letting all of the last designers show at Bryant Park because they have to compensate for the timing of Fashion Week and the air date of the shows. Don't want to give away too much.

So next week we'll see Tim visiting all of the designers. I always like this because I imagine Tim Gunn showing up in my living room.

I feel bad, but at this point I really don't have an affinity to one particular designer. There have been none of them this season that I've truly just loved everything they did.

Oh well...

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