Friday, September 5, 2008

DVF Rocks My Socks

While I can't afford most designer clothes, I do truly appreciate the art of fashion. That's why Diane von Furstenberg being a part of the latest Project Runway challenge was truly cool.

I've always loved her looks. They are feminine, yet strong. She has great colors and palates. I like when they bring in an actual designer for the challenge/judging because then they have a great deal of credibility.

The Challenge: Create a dress that would fit into DVF's runway show. She was going for a "Foriegn Affair" theme, based on the iconic movie. It was especially neat because they were allowed to use DVF's store room and collection of materials for the challenge. I can only imagine how much fun that must have been, albeit rushed.

Instead of going over each outfit one by one, I'm just going to bullet point some highlights:
  • Suede is talking in third person too much again. Jennifer doesn't like it when Suede talks in third person.
  • How cute was Leanne when she was sneaking around as a spy?
  • Could Kenley be any more dramatic?
  • All of the designers were commenting on Terri's "one trick" for her outfit. Hello.....anyone else have Rami draping flashbacks? He made it through to the end....I actually don't like it when people have this reaction to designs because most designers have some sort of trademark look or detail to all of their designs to brand them. I mean, Heidi's own jewelry line has clovers in every piece - isn't that predictable?
  • Blayne is so silly. I love that he's having tanning withdrawels.
  • Joe's outfit was terrible. He should have been gone. At least Stella's design was more appropriate, even if it was terribly tailored. I guess she isn't used to working with fabrics with such can be a little rougher with leatha I guess...
  • Leanne rightly won. Her dress was pretty and I loved the jacket.
  • Kenley had a cute dress, but I agree that it needed layers. I think that she took the easy route and then tried to make up excuses. I think that if you are going to have a single dress, no layers, in that collection that it would need to be a statement dress - something bigger, more exciting than what Kenley made.
  • I'm sad to see Stella more leatha.

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