Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sew Out of Time

I unfortunately didn't get to work on either of my two costumes last night, therefore I didn't get any pictures of them to post.

However I did of course watch my lovely Project Runway....

But before I move onto last night's episode, I do want to mention that I just read over at Perez Hilton that it has come out that Tim Gunn didn't get paid a dime for the first season and that he was only paid $2,500 per episode for Season 2.....if that is true, that is total highway robbery, as Tim is just plain awesome and really makes the show. Sure, Heidi, Michael and Nina always add some, but Tim is the MAN!

Onto the show:

I was much happier with last night's designs than the previous challenges so far. I thought that overall the designs were much better than the others and they all showed some innovation.

The Challenge: Tim took all of the designers for a night out on the town. They had to go out and take photos (in the rain) of images from New York and create an evening look that was inspired by New York at night. Interestingly enough this was their first trip to Mood to get their own fabrics.

Notable Moments:

  • Jennifer thinks that Suede is crazy. Jennifer doesn't like people who talk in third person. Jennifer wonders what crazy reasoning that anyone could have to start talking in third person. Jennifer wonders if Suede had a horrible issue with pronouns in elementary school that has scarred him for life.

  • Blayne, staring bug-eyed "I will eat you". Very odd.

  • Can I just take a moment here to say that I love it when Stella says "Leatha"?

  • Tim learning to say "Holla at yo boy". (And did anyone else think that stupid poll about Tim making it his catch phrase was ridiculous?)

The Designs:

Blayne - Out of all of the photos that were taken, Blayne's was the best. It was so interested and had a lot of potential. However his execution was pretty bland. With all of that color and intrigue that he had in the photo, all he did was make a black dress with a rainbow ruffle on it. (BTW are ruffles in now?)

Daniel - This dress was so not memorable. I am pulling up the pictures from "Rate the Runway" on Bravo's website. I just pulled up the dress and thought, "I don't even remember that." Not a good thing.

Emily (Auf'd): I hated this dress. I agree that it had to go. That ruffle was so misplaced and disproportionate. I agreed with the guest judge Sandra Bernhard (odd choice) and thought that the streak of color should have been flush against the fabric and better placed. It would have indicated "movement" better.

Jennifer: I didn't think the dress was quite as matronly as they kept saying. I think it depends on who is wearing it. I do agree though that while she tried to pull it off as being "surreal", it wasn't. You have to push the envelope a little more to be surreal.

Jerell - A very underrated dress. I was amazed this didn't go a little further than it did. The train was gorgeous.

Joe - His dress was pretty interesting. I liked it, but it wasn't stand out for me. I did think it looked like his hanging globe picture though.

Keith - I hated this dress. Even though he was inspired by magazines, the dress didn't meet my expectations. I agreed with a combo of the judges comments. Heidi thought it needed to have a better shape. Sandra thought the colors should have had more of a grey muted tone (less white), and Michael said it looked like toilet paper flapping in the wind.

Kelli - This was the shredded top/skirt combo. I didn't like this. It looked too distressed - like a sweater that an angry cat got ahold of.

Kenley - I wasn't into Kenley's winning dress. I mean, the color scheme was great and I got where she was coming from, but the tulle was just too poofy on one side. Had it been a little more symmetrical I would have liked it.

Korto - The black one piece jumper was really neat. I didn't see it having anything to do with the photo that inspired it, but I really liked it.

Leanne - This was a cute look. I think it was modern without being too in your face. I agree with Heidi that it looks like you could go get it in a store today. Leanne did a great job editing and not adding extra stuff (no loopty loops).

Stella - Her "leatha" outfit was ok. I get the look that she was going for, I am just not a big fan of it.

Suede - I think that Suede needs to put less attention into his third person talking and more attention into his design. Didn't I see dresses like this at Old Navy last season?

Terri - My favorite (to the right). I thought the whole look was very put together. I loved the colors and the fit. I liked that it was a dress with pants (think about the comfort there!). It didn't show too much, but I liked that it had the backless part to show a little skin. This outfit looked fun and trendy - and I could really see people in New York going out dressed like this. When she came down the runway, I saw a PR exec going out after a day at the office with the girls for drinks!

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