Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project Run-Lame

I feel that I should start my first blog post about a show that is near and dear to my heart -
Project Runway.

I have watched this show from day one. I think I saw some promotions for it and thought "meh - maybe I'll watch it." But I vividly remember flipping through the channels on the premiere night. I remember Austin Scarlett catching my eye and I though to myself "this guy is a character!" I started watching the now infamous grocery-store challenge and just fell in love with this show. Of course I was enamored with Austin's corn husk dress - the beauty and the creativity. I've always had an interest in all things crafty and creative and I especially love objects made out of unexpected items (seat belt purses anyone?). This show has appealed to the creativity inside of me and has event inspired me to make my own creations (see my Runaway Runway grocery bag dress pictured to the left - I did this for a charity fashion show. It is made out of grocery bags from Publix and Kroger and the jacket is made of bubble wrap and electrical tape)
Since the first episode, I have been a true fan watching every episode and recording the ones I could potentially miss. I hang on to every moment, every design, every scrap. I love it. I have an unending love for Christian Siriano from last season as well, however no one will ever top my all-time fave Daniel V.
I say all of that to emphasize that I'm not just a passerby through Project Runway-ville . I have bought property there!
However, is it just me or is this season just blah? The creativity is not at the level it has been at. Table cloths in challenge 1?!?!?!? Have any of these people seen previous episodes? That's the easiest route possible, and we all know the judges don't like easy! And the second challenge wasn't much better. The dresses were all way too short and not flattering at all. I could have done a better job, and I don't normally say that! Yuck! I'm really hoping these designers up their game because so far this crop is starting off as the worst bunch yet.
I'll give a more in depth review following Wednesday's episode.

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